Artist Statement

Harbinger (detail)

As artists who engage with the world, we have much to ponder. Our today is complex, and our current context is muddled, contradictory, frayed and woven with uneven tensions. Our human condition is uncertain, and our faith in good conclusions is rare. So how do we manage these conflicting issues? Often times, we move in the space between the conflicting issues to examine those disparate subjects to which we are drawn. This is because every duality presents a space between, and this dialectic can be a great conversation — what lies between can be quite surprising, beautiful and seductive.

I am drawn to symbiotic, diametrically-opposed pairs: vulnerability with strength, the extraordinary with the mundane, erudite intellectualism with innocent ignorance, formulaic science with beautiful art, self-indulgent technology with the human condition, regimented control with random exploration, art with kitsch, and more.

In order to explore opposing pairs, I have used body parts -– hearts, brains, spines -– and coupled them with parts from nature — roses and their thorny branches, cactus, lilies. These images have predictable implications.  However, they are put into contexts where there are shifts, and a viewer may not be able to easily apply standard expectations. Currently, birds have become a symbol of frailty and strength. They have also become an indicator of the health of an environment, both human and natural. I am hopeful that the viewer will empathize with the contexts that I provide as though they are regarding their own body.